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Guaranteed Supply Reasonable Price High-Quality Strong Partnership For more than three decades, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation has stably become one of the most recognized concentrated latex producer in Thailand and gained numerous reputations within rubber industry worldwide. We have been continuously improving our manufacturing process, logistics network, and material supply management to ensure that we are fully capable of delivering the finest product to our customers when they want. Our devotions to quality are aimed at providing real customer benefits, the benefits that last resulting in maximum customer satisfaction. Thai Rubber Latex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of latex concentrate, disposable rubber gloves, extruded rubber threads, and various rubber products. Our core competitiveness is derived from consistency of supply, high-quality products, spontaneous customer services. That is contributable to our success.

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 :: Disposable Natural Latex Glove ::    

Phoenix Rubber Products Company Limited (PRP) was established since 2006 manufacturing quality natural latex gloves. It has annual installed capacity for output of over 350 million latex gloves with 200 workers and 8 working lines. Using coagulant dipping process, PRP offers best quality latex gloves for medical examination and general or household use to both domestic and overseas customers such as those in U.S.A., Europe, Asia, etc.

Phoenix Rubber Products Co., Ltd manufactures high quality disposable latex gloves. We work closely with our customers to manufacture products that meet the ever-changing requirements of the market. We can support our products with reports of physical property tests and chemical analysis. We have US FDA 510 K   certification for all the glove lines and our examination gloves are manufactured to ASTM-D 3578-01-AE2 standard. We have received ISO 9001 version 2015 certification from SGS Yarsley Ltd. Therefore, we dare to guarantee our products' quality toward their durability, colour, barrier protection, long-lasting, fitting, elasticity, puncture resistance, chemical resistance, allergen content, etc.

Quality control starts from latex raw material , chemical adjustment to finished good with close monitoring throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the products.

Latex Glove


At PRP, the production process is monitored to ensure that all finished products conform to the highest international quality standards. The proximity of our production facility to rubber plantations and concentrate factories assures good quality material and uninterrupted supplies.


Latex Glove

We produces Latex Medical Examination Gloves for supply on OEM basis to some of the leading brands in the medical industry. Our won brand PROSAFE is well accepted in the medial industry and internationally recognized as a benchmark for high quality.

Our powder free ambidextrous latex disposable gloves are just right for sue in clean-room environment where powder contamination is not desirable. PROSAFE powder free gloves are ideal for individuals hypersensitive to protein in latex gloves. Thanks to our unique process of hot water and Chlorine cleaning, our powder-free gloves have extremely low levels of extractable protein

Latex Gloves We also provide a range of gloves for general purpose on OEM basis. Our own brand of general purpose gloves PROGEN is widely used in the food or packaging industry, homes and places where hand protection is an important consideration.

PRP is a one-stop source of non-sterile latex gloves for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, packaging industry food, electronic industry or at home. PRP intends to become the region's best producer of latex gloves for medical and non-medical use. We are committed to provide quality products and services to meet or exceed at all time the expectation and needs of our customers, ensuring to achieve total customer satisfaction.

As a symbol of quality product, our gloves comply with ISO 9001:20
ISO 13485:201
6, FDA 510K, ASTM-D-3578, EN455 PART 1-3, and CE certificate.

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