BLUE POWDER FREE Latex Gloves for Medical

BLUE POWDER FREE Latex Gloves for Medical

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We manufacture a wide range of Latex Examination Gloves that offer an excellent barrier to bacterial contamination. Our gloves are recommended for use in hospital, clinics, homes for the aged, general practice dispensaries and laboratories, etc.

This glove is ideal for situations where extra protection is needed. It has a very good fit and feel with varying lengths of 23, 24, 28 cm.

Our Latex powder-free gloves are ideal for individuals who are hypersensitive to protein content in the latex gloves. Our gloves

Extra Protection,
Easy Donning, Excellent Comfort,
High Quality, High Resistance to Tearing,
Low Protein, Fit with Hands,
Complying with ISO 9001:2015,ISO 13485:2016, FDA ,
ASTM-D-3578, EN455 PART 1-3, CE

Product Properties : Non-Sterile Latex Gloves For Medical

Type  : Latex Powder-Free
Specification  : Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, Disposable
Cuff : Beaded
Surface : Smooth/Textured
Color : Blue
Main Material : Natural Concentrated Latex
Type Protein Content Powder control
Powder-Free <= 50 µg/g <= 2 mg/glove
Tensile ASTM EN455
Before Aging >= 18 Mpa >= 6 Newton
After Aging >= 14 Mpa >= 6 Newton
Elongation ASTM EN455
Before Aging >= 650% -
After Aging >= 500% -
   Dimensions  Standard XS S M L XL
   Width (mm.) <80 80-90 90-100 100-110 >110
   Length (mm.)   ASTM Minimum for all size 230 mm.
  EN455 Minimum for all size 240 mm.
   Thickness (mm.)   Cuff 0.07 mm.
  Palm 0.10 mm.
  Finger  0.12 mm.
Quality :

Conformed to ASTM - D3578 - 01 ae2
and FDA 510 (K),
ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 13485:2016
Conformed to EN455 part 1-3 and CE

Brand   : TBG/OEM
Standard Packing : 100 Pieces / Dispenser Box
    10 Dispenser Boxes / Carton
    1,400 Cartons / 20'FCL
2,600 Cartons / 40'FCL
3,200 Cartons / 40'HQ

OEM is available.

    Available in bulk pack.